Arrowhead Pet Policy

1.       Up to 2 cats or dogs are allowed in the residence.  The following animals are prohibited from the premises without exception: Reptiles, ferrets, rabbits, pot-bellied pigs, and any animal considered to be a wild animal, and therefore not allowed in captivity. Dogs are restricted by size  (not weighing over 20 lb.) and breed including, but not limited to:  Rottweilers, Chows, Dobermans, pit bull terriers, (a.k.a. Pit Bullterriers, Staffordshire terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, Yankee terriers, or Bull terriers), and any mixed breeds containing any of the previously listed breeds.  Final approval of the rental application may require that the pet has been physically seen and verified as an acceptable breed by a member of management. Restriction is at the sole discretion of management.  Cats and dogs 20 lbs. or less at full grown weight are allowed on the premises within the terms of this agreement.


2.         No pet is allowed in the townhomes or apartment community, even temporarily, prior to obtaining written consent of management. “No visiting or baby-sitting pets”.


3.          Pet(s) must be properly licensed and vaccinated for rabies and other inoculations usual for the type of animal.  Proof of current vaccinations must be provided to management. Management needs proof that cats are neutered or spayed. All dogs are to be neutered or spayed.


4.            Permission to keep the pet is restricted to the pet described in this agreement, and does not extend to any other animal.


5.            Pet must be kept in the rental unit, on a leash or carried AT ALL TIMES.


6.          Resident is responsible for immediate pet cleanup and proper disposal of pet waste.


7.            Resident states that the pet will not disturb any of the other Residents, and will not damage any of the property of the rental unit.  If, in the judgement of the management, the animal pet disturbs any of the other Residents of the community, the Resident agrees, on a five (05) day written notice, to remove said animal pet from the Resident’s rental unit permanently.  Resident further agrees to promptly pay for any damage done to the rental unit by said animal pet, and further agrees to hold management and the Owner of said rental unit harmless from any claim by reason of the said animal being on the premises.  Residents are responsible for the actions of their pet(s) at all times.


8.            All pet owners must provide a photograph of the pet to the management office.


9.            Pets are not to be left unattended outside or on the patio/balcony at any time.


10.           Resident agrees to pay $200.00­­ per pet, (Limit two cats or one dog per unit).  This is a deposit, which is potentially refundable after termination of occupancy, less the cost of damage or repairs made necessary by the pet.  In the event the deposit amount is not sufficient to cover these costs, the Resident will be responsible for paying the additional costs.  Such additional costs include, but are not limited to; the replacement costs installed, minus depreciation, of carpet, padding, linoleum, woodwork, screens, doors and landscaping of the property caused by destruction or bodily elimination.  The Resident is solely responsible for inspection of the premises before taking occupancy to report any damage from prior Residents.


11.           Resident also agrees to pay an additional $20 a month per pet that is due with rent each month.